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Our why



Human beings, since the beginning of time, have gathered together to hear the stories told by elders, peers and prophets, because we yearn for context.


We learn our truths in the echoes of other people who know what we still need to learn. People who have lived and seen life in all its complexity and who can tell us how to navigate it. 


At the heart of storytelling lies the hope and comfort of knowing what is possible. For anything that is humanly possible is possible for me. For I am human.


And that is why we gravitate towards tribes. We herd. We find strength in numbers and we find confirmation and comfort in the community. 


Tribefire Studios is a village made up of different fires, each fire burning with the energy and ideas that appeal to a specific tribe of thinkers, feelers and doers. 


Our knowledge of people and our deep understanding of the demographic - and more importantly psychographic - profiles of our different audiences enable us to curate and produce content that each audience identifies and wants to engage with. 


This is why we are experts in mass media communication - we know that the same message needs to be relayed to different audiences in different ways because people are different.


The 3 Value Questions that guide us: 

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