A focussed team of experts to work with you:

  • We specialise in delivering strategic solutions based on comprehensive stakeholder research

  • We aid organisations to build and sustain their relationships with their internal and external stakeholders by equipping them with the necessary resources to improve their brand’s or company’s potential

  • Research@TribeFire Studios is sensitive to the nature of each unique research study, applying its resources accordingly

  • Great effort is made to understand the nature of each Client’s business and research request through briefing meetings

  • All research measurement tools are tailor made to suit each Client’s business & the industry its operates in

  • As we continuously grow our teams,  we have sufficient capacity to assist in a timely manner

  • We proudly employ Namibian subcontractors as we believe that this assists us  in understanding the Namibian cultures and to conduct fieldwork in the local languages where required

  • We believe in employing students as a means to finance their studies

  • We also employ unemployed Namibians to reduce the poverty level in our country

  • We have an interviewer base throughout Namibia and research partners in other SADC countries

  • Training is given on a regular basis so as to enhance the skills of each subcontractor working for us.

  • We make use of a sample calculator in the case of quantitative research projects to ensure that we work with the prescribed confidence levels

  • The anonymity of respondents is always respected during our research projects, so as to encourage open and honest responses

  • With each research project care is taken to ensure that the SAMRA code of conduct is followed

  • We wish to add value to our final report deliverable by providing recommendations and brainstorm ideas with Clients where possible

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