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At TribeFire Studios we spend our days working to communicate successfully in the increasingly cluttered and fragmented mass media space.

So we understand very well when our clients tell us how their marketing jobs become more and more difficult with an overwhelming amount of noise, platforms, formats and audiences.  


Since 2018 we've had help from ThinkHumanBeing's Business & Brand Impact Strategist, Debbie Rowles, to understand international and local media consumption trends.  

Similarly, we have relied on feedback from the Media Metrics Survey by Vision Africa, the only consistent independent media consumption survey in Namibia, to guide us in developing our products.


In August 2022, we hosted the 4th edition of Media Trends with great success. If you’re interested and would like us to present it to your team, please click below.


Click here if you want access to the presentation.

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Stefan Hugo, CEO TribeFire Studios


The first results of the 2022 Namibian MediaMetrics survey were released by Vision Africa MD Cornelis D’Alton at TribeFire Studios’ Media Trends session on 30 August 2022 in Windhoek. This survey looks into the ways people consume media in Namibia.


The results confirmed yet again; Radio and TV remain the top two platforms for mass audience reach in Namibia. 


This did not come as a surprise to us. It has been the ongoing trend in global media consumption since TribeFire Studios started tracking international media trends in 2018. 


In an overwhelming space of cluttered platforms that marketers have to make sense of, the core message remains: 


Despite single-digit in- or decreases in overall TV and Radio consumption, these traditional platforms still take up the bulk of eye and ear time - both globally and in Namibia.


Another interesting statistic shared by MediaMetrics reveals the amount of time spent on each of the different media platforms. Again TV and radio topped the list with the longest engagement times, once more in line with the global findings. 


This compares favourably to lean-forward digital engagements that are often fleeting, with very limited time for branding and advertising to really stick in consumers’ minds. 


Our Tribe remains stoked about the very real opportunity to Fire Up Minds for Positive Change in our country and for our clients through TV and radio (or video and audio if you like). 


This does not mean that we are sitting still on the digital front though. Our 360-degree drive to deliver content and brand experiences across platforms and in relevant formats for all audiences has seen explosive results for our clients and ourselves on our social media and live stream platforms. 


And so, we prepare for the future whilst living in the now, passionately convinced of the power of Radio and TV to transform the world for the better.